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Responsible Social Gaming

Free Bets Buddies is committed to promoting responsible gaming as an integral aspect of our customer care and social responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy their experience on our platform by being fully aware of the risks associated with gaming if not managed properly.

To ensure safe and controlled gaming, we support responsible gaming and have implemented strategies to help players who wish to regulate their gaming activities.


Treat computer games as an entertainment activity. Here are some strategies to help you keep the game under control:

Play Responsibly

Remember that computer games are a form of entertainment.

Time management in games

We appreciate your participation, but it's important not to let games take up too much of your time. We are here to offer entertainment such as watching movies or bowling.

Use Game Management Tools

If you need to take a break, you can pause the game at any time by following the guidelines in section 2.

If you're concerned about the frequency of play, consider the self-assessment questions listed in section 3.


We encourage our users to play responsibly and offer various features to support this.

Self-exclusion and account closure options

If you want to take a break or if gaming becomes a problem, you can self-exclude from the Free Bets Buddies platform in the "Profile" section. Options:

The option you select takes effect immediately. If you continue to have access to the Free Bets Buddies platform, you are obliged to inform us immediately by e-mail.

During the exclusion period, access to the platform will be blocked. For account history or information, please contact customer service.

After the limited timeout expires, access to the platform will be restored.

Marketing materials from us will be discontinued at the time of self-exclusion. We also recommend that you seek exclusion from other gaming platforms and adjust your social media settings accordingly.

We reserve the right to initiate a permanent exception or limited time-out depending on indications of potential gaming problems.

Stopping the game or closing your account

You have the option to close your account. To proceed, please send a written request via email to the customer service team at [email protected].

We may refuse or close a Customer Account at our sole discretion, subject to any prior contractual obligations.

Self-exclusion for unregistered persons

Even if you don't have a customer account, you can voluntarily exclude yourself from the Free Bets Buddies platform. Send an email to [email protected] with your details to block future registration and play. This exception can be revoked 7 days after your written request.

Gaming Activity Overview

Information about your games is available in the "Game History" and "Transaction History" sections of the Free Bets Buddies website. For older records, please contact customer service.


If your or someone else's gambling habits seem problematic to you, consider the following questions:

Answering "yes" to many of these questions may indicate a problem with the game. For advice and support, contact the support organizations mentioned in section 4.


If you need help with questions related to gaming, please contact Computer Game Addicts Anonymous (CGAA) at [email protected].

Important: The CGAA is independent and not affiliated with Free Bets Buddies. For account-related questions or complaints, please contact us at [email protected].



With access to the internet on mobile devices and in homes, it's crucial to keep an eye on minors. We recommend using filtering software to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate content online.



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