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Rules of Engagement

At Free Bets Buddies, we strive to create an environment where every community member can play and communicate with friends in a calm and friendly atmosphere. For this, we need your help.

These Community Rules apply to all users of Free Bets Buddies's games, services, and other products. They explain how to behave when interacting with other community members. Below are examples of specific situations, but this does not mean that the rules are limited to them.

Following the rules is simple, but violating them will lead to measures, including a lifetime ban.

Community Rules:

Personal Information: It is forbidden to disclose the personal data of others, except for the displayed name. Do not threaten to reveal alternative accounts and real names of users.

Intolerance and Discrimination: Manifestations of hatred or discrimination are unacceptable at Free Bets Buddies. Respect the diversity of users.

Bullying and Offensive Behavior: Respect others in communication, gaming, and creativity. Threats, intimidation, humiliation, and indecent behavior are prohibited.

Impersonation: Do not impersonate other participants, celebrities, or Free Bets Buddies employees.

Fraud and Mockery: Play fairly. Cheating, sabotage, conspiracy, and spreading known game bugs are prohibited.

Dangerous or Illegal Activities: Do not engage in or support illegal actions, including gambling, online fraud, and publishing personal data.

Inappropriate Content: Create content that evokes positive emotions, adhering to Content Requirements.

Consequences: Violations are considered individually. Depending on the severity, measures up to a lifetime ban may be taken.

Reporting Players: If you encounter a violator, report them in the game. If you have personal dislike towards a user who does not violate the rules, you can block them.

Safety: Take care of your personal data. Free Bets Buddies provides tools for ensuring safety. Find information about parental control functions in the relevant section.

These Community Rules may be changed. Keep an eye on updates. "But no one told me..." is not an excuse. Ultimately, Free Bets Buddies's goal is to have a good time playing games!

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